Unboxing the Square Credit Card Reader


Square was the first to come out with a business model for small businesses to process credit cards easily and cheaply.

There are many competitors out now like Intuit, PayPal, & Pay Anywhere but you have to give props to the original company that is still in business and now working with companies to sell their Square readers for about 10 bucks.

I originally got this a long time ago and had meant to do a review but never got around to it till now.
For now, enjoy the unboxing. I’ll have more unboxing of the competitors card readers out soon and do a comparison review afterwards.


How you gonna charge it? Credit Card Reader Unboxer Teaser Posted


Just posted a new teaser video for my upcoming release of credit card reader unboxing.

Coming soon, the unboxing of credit card readers by Square, PayPal, & Intuit.

Which one would you like to see first? Leave a comment below.

I’ve had the Square credit card reader for some time now and had thought about doing a pre-opened unboxing but decided to do it after I got the other readers to compare.

I will do a comparison of the credit card readers in a later video but for now, let the unboxing begin!

Little bit late but never too early to start.

I’m not sure if I’ll stick with WordPress or go with Google’s Blogger format but I felt it was time to start 2013 with a kickoff for my YouTube channel – RecordLifeMedia.

I haven’t got much in video content on YouTube but I’m hoping to add more to it as I start taking more interesting vids/picts with my iPhone or Nikon D800.

My New Years resolution: Post More Vids!!!

Thanks for checking out the site.