Tushie Comfort – SeatPad Review


Your tushie deserves some comfort.

Unboxing/Unbagging and review of the SeatPad.


The Giveaway


I stopped by the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, WA to see what new stuff they might have and I found Marques Lyon and Chris Brown doing a great giveaway there! Chris Brown was doing a live podcast while Marques was giving away the farm!

The grand prize was a Halo Xbox360, HTC phone, and games.

It was sponsored by Marques Lyons’ Consumer Camp.

I had 4 tickets and all were nowhere near the winning numbers. It’s too bad as it would have been great winning and getting to do an unboxing/review of the winnings. 😦

Check out on Twitter.
Check out on Twitter.

Go Used Gear Sale and Forget Thrift Store Shopping


New video posted on my trip to the Used Gear Sale that was held this weekend on Saturday.

This ain’t no Macklemore’s Thrift Shop but it is one of my favorite outdoors gear store has their used gear sales which people flock to.

I wasn’t able to find anything but do a quick scan as I had work to go to right after this occured.

I got myself stamped with a squirrel on my left hand, thinking I’d be back after work but wasn’t able to find anything afterwards…