Caterpillars a view from below

Saw this little baby caterpillar on top of the moonroof.

Shot the video with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I definately love the quality of the capture the Samsung Galaxy Note II is able to provide. Especially the macro like level of the shot.

The blown up video of the caterpillar at 54% is done in Premiere CS6.


Biker Love – Riding with your friends.

I’ve heard of Stretch Limos but what do you call this? Stretch Bike?

Lotto’s version of what you can do with your friends if you win the Lotto.

Air France Opens Non-Stop flights to Paris From Seattle in June 2007

Back in 2007, I got to attend the big celebration held for Air France at the Sea Tac Airport in Seattle, Washington. Governor Chris Gregoire attended the event to celebrate the non-stop flights to France from Seattle. Rick Steves also attended the event.

To bad, that five years later, Air France left Seattle and it’s Amercian partner took over the route. I would have loved to fly on Air France to France one day…

Look for the upcoming video of the Air France plane arriving with water cannons on the next vid and Rick Steves interview.

Ellen DeGeneres announces Finding Dory – I got my own Theatrical Preview


A tribute/parody for the fans of Finding Nemo and Dory.

Now that Ellen can once again be the voice of Dory in the 2015 release of Finding Dory, what better time to show this clip in the tradition of Dora the Explorer.

Building a Bird Feeder for Free


The hardware store I was visiting was offering a craft session for kids this Saturday. They had the Boyscouts of America as well as parents who bring their children to the store on the first of every month for free craft projects.

This month was a bird feeder and it was packed! Maybe due to the Boys Scouts being there.