Baby Bunny Cuteness

For those that love bunny rabbits.

See some cute baby bunny action in my back yard. I have not one baby rabbit but two of these wild animals eating up my lawn. They are my (nature’s) lawn mower service providers.

I have had some interesting wild life coming through an entrance they build right underneath my fance. The biggest was a mermot! (Note: This video shows only rabbits.)


Best Tacoma Wa Event – Freedom Fair

If you are in the Tacoma Area around the 4th of July celebration, it is a great idea to enjoy the Freedom Fair.

It is one of the best Tacoma events to participate in Washington State.

The fair is great for family with kids to enjoy and to watch fun events like Dragon Boat races, air shows, and more!

Cheonggyecheon River in South Korea – Best restored river in the world, possibly

Visited this great river located in Seoul, South Korea. While Korean movies like “The Host” may have had a river monster, you won’t have to worry about one here.

To me, this is one of the great man-made rivers. It’s not the Panama Canal of any sorts but to build a project to renovate a dirty river that was filled up in the past and turn it into a tourist designation is a beautiful project indeed.

It is a great place to have a little exercise or go on a date with your loved one. I am amazed at how clean they keep the area. No graffiti, no trash floating down the river, etc… This video was shot in 2006.

The mayor of Seoul did this urban renovation which was not looked happily upon by the citizens as it costed the government some serious cash. After the renovation, people flock to this renovated river for recreation.

Several Korean films and music videos have been shot here.

Miniature World in Jeju (Cheju) Island, South Korea

Visited this fun miniature world in Jeju Island. It turns out there is more than one miniature world in Jeju Island. I love seeing these miniature sculptures and replicas, it’s a wonder world to me.

I love some of the miniatures like the Korean turtle ships used for naval warfare. The London Bridge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Great Buddha statue (which is really not a miniature) but I can understand since Buddhism is a part of the Asian culture.

I had a fun time visiting the place. One word of caution. When you are traveling around Jeju Island, do it as a tour group or rent a car. Going by Taxi is expensive! Traveling by bus is cheap, but you’d have to know the route and some Korean to get around…

Is this the best hotel in Jeju Island?

Sorry, new link to vid. Saw a typo I wanted to correct.

I will say the hotel is first rate! Everything you would want for a vacation is all there at Jeju and Shilla Hotel! 🙂 They do not have 110 voltage for the Americans but you can call the front desk and they will bring over a converter you can use.

I had a great time vacationing in Jeju Island, back in 2006.

The hotel and airline was set up by a travel company which I do not care to mention. They botched things up with the airlines. However, after some long time argument with the lady who did not want to own up to it, they agreed to pay for the airfare, free.

After some reservations about the whole trip, with the botched airfare and all, I was hesitant to get to the hotel, expecting it to be pretty bad due to my experience with the travel company, I will say the trip ended up fine.