Maryhill Festival of Speed 2013 Preview

Check out the preview and wet your appetite for some serious speed action as these longboarders go through some seriously curvy roads downhill!

It is one of the best events to watch these seriously outstanding athletes compete on 2.2 miles of the most treacherous road known to these athletes. You know it’s seriously when one of the bends is called the “Backbreaker!”


I’m at Stonehenge


I’m actually done watching the longboarders at the Maryhill Festival of Soeed. Had to stop by this wonderful spot before heading to the campground.

Who would have thought you could see Stonehenge!

Maryhill Festival of Speed

I just found out about the Maryhill Festival of Speed and it looks like it’ll be a very fun event! It’s 2.2 miles of downhill raceing on longboards!

Luckily I have the long weekend off. However, I am hoping to be able to attend it and cover it Friday and Saturday. It’ll be a 3-4 hour drive from what Google Maps is showing.

Let’s hope for the best. Then again, if I cannot cover the event…I’ll have to find something else to do, like clean house, the yard, etc…Course you Home Owners Association.

More Miniture World Footage from Jeju (Cheju) Korea

Because you know you can never have enough minitures in your life.

Additional footage that I forgot I had of this wonderful place.

Should I attend the Fremont Solstice Parade – 2013?

The Fremont Solstice Parade is coming up this Saturday, June 22, 2013 at 3PM…Should I attend?

I’m thinking of attending this if my schedule doesn’t go awry…

The Solstice Parade used to start around noon, in the past, not sure why they are starting it at 3PM this year. Actually, I’ve never attended it in the past but…I feel like I need a break away from work. Hopefully, I can attend and see why everyone is so into the parade.

Hopefully, my back will be more than healed and I can enjoy taking some picts and vids with my Nikon D800 and GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.

So anyone planning on attending this event?

Time Lapse of Spokane to Seattle

The Time Lapse series was shot on my road trip back from Spokane to Seattle.

The pictures were taken at 12MP wide using the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. The battery was fully charged but it died on me less than have the trip back, so it’s not a complete trip to Seattle.