Sound to Narrows Marathon

If there is one marathon that you would want to attend, then it would have to be the Sound to Narrows run. The event has an amazing 12k marathon, a 5k marathon, and a 2K marathon which is held in Tacoma, Washington and has an average of over 100,000 participants running and walking the course is a site to see! This is one of those Tacoma event that is worth participating in.

The Sound to Narrows Marathon started back in June of 1973 and has been one of the only marathons that I love to come and watch. I think it’s because there is so much support for our troops is shown here and the love of the marathon event by the neighborhood who actively show their support.

As the day progresses, it is more interesting to see the rest of the participants running the course but… due to my back issues, I was only able to cover the morning runs by our US Military and elementary kids doing a great job of running the event. I will just have to say that the muscle relaxers that I took were of no use after a couple of hours. I overdid it when I should have been resting.

Hopefully, I’ll cover more next year. I had planned on bringing out my Nikon D800 and GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition to take shots of the event, which was not happening due to my back going out this past week. I was not evening planning on taking any pictures but supporting my family members running in the marathon. Let’s just say it’s cut short. I’m now awake after taking the pills and taking a nap and doing a quick edit of the video which was shot on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. I am amazed I even kept the video mostly shake free with the condition I was in.


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