Maryhill Festival of Speed 2013

I just can’t get over how cool the Maryhill Festival of Speed was. To think that I had not even known about his event and it had gone on for 7 years!

I got there on Friday afternoon, a bit late for the day, it was over 80 degrees and the next day was over 90 degrees!!! These atheletes love what they do and its amazing to see them race in such hot weather wearing leather gear for protection.

I paid the price with sun burns all over my face, neck, arms, and legs but it was worth it. I really loved covering this event. I would have stayed till the next day but I guess I overused my camera, as the D800 got the dreaded “err” message on the screen and I couldn’t record anymore videos or take pictures.

Watch the video and enjoy. I have the same video with soundtrack from a rapper that I am hoping his company will give permission to use. I think it works well with the video but the music for this video is really great and I love it as well. I really thank Kevin MacLeod for providing the fantastic music that allows so many YouTubers to post videos with awesome soundtracks.


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