I spent the whole day at the local airport.

Day at the local airport. Seattle Flickr Meetup and Airworks LLC

It’s not everyday that you have access to a local airport, airplanes, helicopters, a large hanger and airfield to have a massive photo shootout!

In Feb. 17, 2008, it happened. It took me some time to set up the event and I have to thank Airworks LLC in Auburn, Washington for graciously taking their time to allow the Seattle Flickr Meetup group to shoot at their location.

I want to thank the Seattle Flickr Meetup group members that attended and acted respectfully at the location. This made it a very nice event to be at thanks to the cooperation.

You can view some pics on Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?w=39033535%40N00&m=pool&q=airworks

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Did we beat the world guinness record for biggest water balloon fight?

Not sure if this event made the World Guinness Record but this was one of the largest water balloon fight ever held in Seattle.

The representative from Guinness was there to verify the event for the World Guinness Record. It turns out we didn’t beat it. At least not this year…

The event fundraiser was done by SeattlePartyCamp to raise funds for Camp Korey. It earned $55,000 for the camp which was short of the $75,000 they were hoping to raise but is still impressive. I can see this event becoming bigger next year.

SeattlePartyCamp was the organizers that held the largest snowball fight in Seattle last year as well.

What I’m learning about using my Nikon D800 and GoPro Hero 3 for news shoots…I need more practice. I’m still used to using a camcorder and handholding either is needing more practice, especially the GoPro. I thought I was holding it about where I wanted it but notice that I’m shooting too high. It happened with the Color Run footage as well.

Hopefully, will be able to salvage the footage from the GoPro for the News footage I was covering.

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Kiteboarding – The Greatest

I went on a photo safari to Jetty Island only to be spending my time watching some of the greatest kiteboarding action going on in Washington State. While this may not rival the action seen in places like Hawaii, I was impressed.

The Jetty is a man-made island in Everett Washington. You have to take a boat to get to the island. Some of the kite boarders will kayak, or SUP it over to the island.

The city of Everett provides ferry service to the island for free but a donation is requested to keep the ferry service running.

I definitely will be heading back to this place for more fun in the future!

West Hylebos Wetlands in Federal Way

One of the nicest cleanest wetlands I’ve visited. The West Hylebos Wetlands is a very well maintained trail for an easy hike and sightseeing located in Federal Way, Washington.

The time lapse took 2030 pictures on the GoPro Hero 3 Blk edition before my sd card got full, right before the end of the trail. The end of the time-lapse is video shot with my Samsung Galaxy Note II. Enjoy the end of the trail head, the banana slug and frog in close up.

After visiting this place, I wish I could visit it more often. While I did not see a lot of the wild life here, I did manage to see a frog and banana slug on this outing.

If you are ever in Federal Way, take some time to visit the West Hylebos Wetlands.

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