Bad Helicopter Pilot – RC Helicopter Crashes

I’ve always wanted a rc helicopter when I was a kid but the cost of it was too pricey for me, still is. It takes a lot of practice to not crash a rc helicopter.You’ll have more helicopter crashes if you do not have the right training to fly one.

However, when I saw this rc helicopter on sale for under $20.00 bucks, I thought why not.

My latest wish is to own a quadroter helicopter to get those fantastic Ariel shots I see being done lately. The quadcopters are amazing!

Having watched several instructional videos on flying a rc helicopter or quatcopter, it is best to practice first on a cheap unit before moving up to a more serious unit.

I hope you enjoy the unboxing and first flight test of the rc helicopter.

If you want to check out the quadcopter I am interested in, take a look at the XP2 that I am interested in. The link is an affiliate link but it will help me to purchase the XP2 with GPS and their new gimbal system for the GoPro mount for smooth shots. Thanks.

Check out to become an affilate and still help me in obtaining my goal of getting the XP2. Thanks.

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