My Dell Venue 8 Pro 32GB Review

I brought the Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 GB Tablet (Windows 8.1) from our local Microsoft store when they had their big holiday sale. Microsoft was selling the 32GB Dell Venue 8 Pros for $99 for a select few.

I did not get it at that price. I did buy it for $199 as it is still a great price for a full functioning Windows 8 tablet and not the Windows RT. They are on sale for about $299 but can find it on sale for around $269 which is still a great bargain for a full functioning Windows OS.

I have to say it’s a great tablet and it works pretty well as a mini computer. The 8 inch tablets screen is nice and I don’ think anyone will really complain about the quality. It is pretty fast and responsive to the users actions.

Software app wise, it will take some time to build up the apps like you would have on Apple’ iPhones, iPad, or Android phones and tablets.

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