Going back to my old iPhone 3G

Just went through my hard drive and came across old pics and vids that I had backed up from my old iPhone 3G. It includes pictures and some videos I had shot with it.

Random pics at beginning : 00:04:00
Toys : 00:54:00
Mailboxes : 01:15:00
Michael Jackson’s Glove (video) : 02:59:00
Michael Jackson Thriller pics and dance prep video : 03:13:00
Car show : 04:58:00
Movie Set : 06:11:00
Food pics : 07:07:00
Places : 09:15:00

Can’t believe how good some pictures looked from that low res (compared to present) cameras and how some were just unusable and WTF type shots.



Going Through The Car Wash

Just going through the car wash on a nice sunny day. It’s been a while since the sun had shined here and the car was dirty as hell.

This is my second attempt at producing this video, not that I had published the first. The first one was shot with just my cellphone and shaky as hell.

Note: had to change the music. Background music “Lines” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. I had originally had music from one of my favorite movies from the past, “Car Wash.” I think the new music track works for the video. It still feels like the song by Rose Royce to me.

If you don’t know the song by Rose Royce, please take a listen to “Car Wash” by Rose Royce.
Music from: https://soundcloud.com/#mr-110/rose-royce-car-wash

Re-Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8″

Recently purchased the Android based Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8inch version.

It’s a nice compact tablet that is easy to hold and use anywhere. This is my re-unboxing of the Galaxy Tablet, the same as my Dell tablet review. In my excitement, I had opened it before officially unboxing for the video.

It’s a dual core tablet and the newer Galaxy Tab Pro is a quad-core but I think for daily use, this is just fine. At a cost of around $249-299, it’s a lot cheaper than getting the iPad. The Jellybean OS for Android definitely makes it a lot more usable and a lot nicer to use, not that any Android OS 4.0 and up wasn’t good but it just takes it one step up to a better user experience. It also seems more stable to me compared to my now old Acer tablet.

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