Re-Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8″

Recently purchased the Android based Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8inch version.

It’s a nice compact tablet that is easy to hold and use anywhere. This is my re-unboxing of the Galaxy Tablet, the same as my Dell tablet review. In my excitement, I had opened it before officially unboxing for the video.

It’s a dual core tablet and the newer Galaxy Tab Pro is a quad-core but I think for daily use, this is just fine. At a cost of around $249-299, it’s a lot cheaper than getting the iPad. The Jellybean OS for Android definitely makes it a lot more usable and a lot nicer to use, not that any Android OS 4.0 and up wasn’t good but it just takes it one step up to a better user experience. It also seems more stable to me compared to my now old Acer tablet.

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