Daejeon Park and Rock and Roll Marathon

Did a quick trip to investigate Seattle traffic and ended up in Daejeon Park in Beacon Hill to test out the Bower Steady Pod with my GoPro Hero 3.

Daejeon Park, formerly known as Taejon Park is the sister city park. The name was changed after the Korean government changed to the new Romanization of Korean spelling to represent the sound of Korean pronunciation more accurately. I guess the parks has been here for more than 20 years.

On to the trip, walking down the walkway, I noticed too many people around the Korean Pagoda, and didn’t feel good about shooting footage with the Steady Pod as it looked too much like I was pointing a gun. (I just felt it might cause too much of a panic.)

I ended up on the walkway that shows the I-90 bridge and noticed some runners heading towards Seattle. It was the Rock and Roll Marathon.

It was cool to see a classic World War II bomber flying above the skies.

I needed to check the traffic issues for business so headed towards Lake Washington area to check out the road closure from a small park to which I forgot the name.


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