Seafair Parade Float Teaser – 2014

Caught some of the Seafair Parade floats as they were making their way towards downtown Seattle on 07.26.2014.


Ice Cream Corn

See this fun dessert delight! Its Ice Cream injected into a Corn Cane. The taste is as you expect, vanilla ice cream and corn flakes would best describe it. It’s the novelty of the treat that is fun!

CGV Movie Theater in Yeouido

Its not so different as the movie theatres in the states but it’s a lot nicer. Wider feet space, a hanger for your purse or such in the seat in front of you.

The only thing is you are assigned seating when you purchase the tickets.

A look at a cool movie theatre located in Yeouido. They have a VIP lounge and a robot assistant!