Yok Ep2 – More Interesting than you think

In this weeks episode. Underwater Sculpture – Art vs Function, Glowing paint, and Tractor beams.

Art vs Function, Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater sculptures helps the ocean life by bringing tourists to the site instead of to the natural corral reefs that are disappearing. The sculptures also act as a man-made corral reef.

Jason deCaires Taylor – underwater sculptures all over the world – also known as the 25Th Wonder of the World

Glowing paint when current is ran through it. The use of this special paint will be seen in many future applications.

The use of lasers to move objects have been proven possible by using a polarized laser beam onto a gold-coated glass spere. It’s a laser tractor beam.

primitive tractor beam cartoon found on this website.

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Gods of Pool – the best iPhone 6 Slo-Mo Trailer

I used the iPhone 6+ to capture some video of kids playing pool at 240 frames per second and instead of another boring clip of slow motions shown for a video review, I decided to try out iMovie to edit the video on the iPhone 6+ for the heck of it.

As they say, a good story makes for an interesting video and I definitely think this made it a lot more interesting than just showing the slow motion video.

Using iMovie for iPhone to edit the boring 14 second clip and turn it into an interesting 1 minute trailer.

It took some time to figure out how to use iMovie but I was happy with using it. It works wonderfully and I wish the Android phones had something as great as iMovie!

The iPhone 6+ definitely is a powerhouse as processing the video edit didn’t take long.

As for the slow motion clip at the end of the trailer, I upscaled it to 1080p and slowed it down to about 25% in Adobe Premiere CS6. The trailer in the beginning is all done in iMovie and speeding up or slowing down the video is a cinch as well.

You Otta Know Its Interesting

This is the first issue of YOK (You Otta Know) – where the random stuff that is currently interesting will be posted.

Aquaboard by KevinAnderson

Sony NWZ-WS610 Waterproof Headphones with Remote Control Ring

Fervent Carpet by Studio Siem | Pabon

Is that a DJI Phantom? Xpro Heli? Nope, it’s the Xtreem QuadForce!

It’s not the DJI Phantom or the XPro Heli that I would love to own (I wouldn’t mind getting the quads from the companies to try out – yes, I would be happy to get a product to review) but the Xtreem is a good quadcopter to practice your skills before moving onto something more serious like the two best quadcopters mentioned above for aerial photo/videographers.

I’ve always wanted a RC Helicopter as a kid but could never afford to purchase one. These are great times for kids since it’s at an affordable level to purchase a great Helicopter or Quadcopter.

The Xtreem quad is made by Swann and is really a decent quad, though I’m not sure about the 720p camera it promises. The quality is sub par to be considered 720p. It may be I got a bad camera unit but trying to look up info on Swann’s website or even contacting them was to no benefit. I could not find any answers on their website nor get someone to assist me when I called them…

If anyone else has experience with this quad, I would love to hear from you.

If you’ve seen my “Bad Helicopter Pilot” video, it’s was my first time at trying to fly a rc helicopter. Note that I am a bad helicopter pilot. See the video here: http://youtu.be/cXnoNph7-Vg

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My New Gold Colored iPhone 6+ Unboxing!

I’ve had the black, white, and now GOLD version of Apple’s iPhone.

This is my unboxing of the iPhone 6+, 16GB version and a size comparison of the iPhone 4, 4s, 6+, and the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

I ordered the 16GB iPhone 6+ Gold version from Apple’s website towards the end of September. It arrived on October 6.

Simply put, I like it! I love the larger screen real estate and better picture quality. The optical stabilizer on the iPhone 6 Plus is a nice feature to have, even if people don’t seem to like the lens sticking out of the case.

Video shot using the Bower Steady Pod: http://youtu.be/COkoQllRFJc
or to see the handheld use of the Steady Pod: http://youtu.be/BculOkf3t6k