Is that a DJI Phantom? Xpro Heli? Nope, it’s the Xtreem QuadForce!

It’s not the DJI Phantom or the XPro Heli that I would love to own (I wouldn’t mind getting the quads from the companies to try out – yes, I would be happy to get a product to review) but the Xtreem is a good quadcopter to practice your skills before moving onto something more serious like the two best quadcopters mentioned above for aerial photo/videographers.

I’ve always wanted a RC Helicopter as a kid but could never afford to purchase one. These are great times for kids since it’s at an affordable level to purchase a great Helicopter or Quadcopter.

The Xtreem quad is made by Swann and is really a decent quad, though I’m not sure about the 720p camera it promises. The quality is sub par to be considered 720p. It may be I got a bad camera unit but trying to look up info on Swann’s website or even contacting them was to no benefit. I could not find any answers on their website nor get someone to assist me when I called them…

If anyone else has experience with this quad, I would love to hear from you.

If you’ve seen my “Bad Helicopter Pilot” video, it’s was my first time at trying to fly a rc helicopter. Note that I am a bad helicopter pilot. See the video here:

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