Gods of Pool – the best iPhone 6 Slo-Mo Trailer

I used the iPhone 6+ to capture some video of kids playing pool at 240 frames per second and instead of another boring clip of slow motions shown for a video review, I decided to try out iMovie to edit the video on the iPhone 6+ for the heck of it.

As they say, a good story makes for an interesting video and I definitely think this made it a lot more interesting than just showing the slow motion video.

Using iMovie for iPhone to edit the boring 14 second clip and turn it into an interesting 1 minute trailer.

It took some time to figure out how to use iMovie but I was happy with using it. It works wonderfully and I wish the Android phones had something as great as iMovie!

The iPhone 6+ definitely is a powerhouse as processing the video edit didn’t take long.

As for the slow motion clip at the end of the trailer, I upscaled it to 1080p and slowed it down to about 25% in Adobe Premiere CS6. The trailer in the beginning is all done in iMovie and speeding up or slowing down the video is a cinch as well.


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