How to have an easy Thanksgiving feast

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

No fuss, no mess, and instant satisfaction.

This is how my family spent Thanksgiving at a local buffet restaurant. The food was great, the Turkey tasted awesome, and the family really enjoyed the night out.

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My Supermarket Walk Through in Slow-Mo

A slow walk-through at my favorite Asian Supermarket.

Mostly edited out all the clips as the idea of a sliding dolly shot in slow motion didn’t pan out as I had hoped. I was holding onto the iPhone 6+ on top of a Shin Ramen box placed in the shopping cart. The cart just felt every bump and the vibrations from it is not what I was hoping for. I’m assuming it might look a lot worse if the Optical stabilization didn’t work…

This was shot in 240 frames per second then edited on iMovie on my iPhone 6+.

Its Not Your Average Domino’s Pizza in Korea

It’s not everyday that you can be surprised by your average pizza. Domino’s is no exception.

They all have your standard Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Combo and such…But when you get those rare opportunity to try out some new flavors, you just gotta try it!

This past summer, I was in Korea for a short vacation. It just so happened I had a sudden craving for pizza. It was perfect timing as these new flavors were available to try out.

Being seafood lover, the shrimp pizza was definitely my favorite. Not sure what kind of cheese those yellow cubes are but the combination of that cheese with the bits of bacon made this pizza a tasty delight.

The Brazilian pizza was interesting, if not it would seem outright ridiculous. The cream cheese rolls seemed odd but it was tasty. The pizza could do without it but in the end, I don’t mind it as the pizza is more than a thin crust, the rolls offer a more filling roll for your hunger.