Bringing new life to your old iPhone 4S

The battery on the old iPhone 4S was shot, and since the iPhone 6+ is now the main phone, I figured it was about time to try a diy project.

Turns out the iPhone 4S is now a nice present for somebody else.

Regarding the battery and kit – I decided to go this route since it costs more than $70 dollars to replace at our favorite computer store.

This kit costed me less than $12 bucks! I brought it from a large online outlet that used to sale books only.

Note of caution: Make sure your phone is turned off while you are working on replacing the battery. Keep all your screws and parts tidy by keeping them in separate containers, areas, bags, etc…

It’s also a good idea to take pictures of your disassembly during the project so you know what it might look like.

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