Check Out What I brought for Tech Review – January 2015 Buy Teaser

These are some of the first items purchased for review from my favorite large electronics store.

What do I have in my goodie bag?
WirelessOne Explorer Monopod
Netis Wireless-N USB WiFi adapter
Microsoft Touch Mouse

Stay tuned for the reviews.

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Advertisements and – Round 1

Am I jumping on the bandwagon by looking into joining

What the hell is Vessel anyway? Why would I consider Vessel when I’m not on other trends like Instagram, Facebook, etc…
Well, I’m on Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress…Isn’t that enough?

Social Media being an ever evolving wonder, I choose not to be on a lot of them simply because I can’t keep track of all the passwords and account info, that and the more info on the net, the more chance of having your identity stolen – though it’s mainly about keeping so many accounts and passwords in check.

Back to Vessel and back on track, what is Vessel? Well, I applied for it today and will see if they accept me as a content creator. It seems they are marketing for the top content creators that are popular on YouTube, meaning that I probably will not be considered at this time so the only info I have is what they have provided on their site.

Vessel is about getting loyal viewers of content creators on YouTube to sign up for a monthly membership on their site. What they (Vessel) is hoping for is the revenue of the monthly subscriptions and advertising dollars generated by the viewers.

Vessel asks the content creators to provide early releases of their videos on their site, at least three days before releasing it on other sites such as YouTube. Vessel promises to share the revenue with the content creators which will favor the creators with 60% of the subscription dollars and 70% of advertising dollars.

By the looks of their webpages, it looks like they have recruited a lot of well-known YouTube content creators to their site. I’m not sure how well Vessel will do or if it will survive the Internet – like MySpace…Not even Justin Timberlake could bring MySpace back.

I am interested in how they (Vessel) will release the videos to the viewers. Will they offer top video quality viewing (like Vimeo) or crappy videos due to bandwidth.

My conclusion at this time, whether I am accepted to them or not, is that they will – 1: Become Successful and be brought out by YouTube or Yahoo, and 2: Fail and go to some other format like…

Seahawks 2015 Super Bowl Vs. Patriots Tribute

Back in February 6, 2006, I took video of the civic gathering at Qwest Fields to support the Seahawks after their loss in the Super Bowl.

The fans never wavered for their team and 2014 was a great year for Seattle. 2015 will be a great year for Seattle as well.

We are 12! Go Seahawks!!!

No voice narration as I have a cold and a scratchy throat right now, probably won’t help cheering for them this Super Bowl!

Tour of Renton, Washington – shopping

A quick drive through tour of the shopping area I visit every now and then in Renton, Washington.

If you’re ever in the Seattle area, you might want to take a tour of Renton as well. It is now home to the Seahawks Headquarters. Ikea has their store located in Renton, and off course Boeing has one of their facilities in Renton; our Seattle economy wouldn’t be where it’s at without Boeing.

Beep – Lose Yourself to Dance

So, I’m not sure how I missed out on this last year in February but I have to say that I am really liking “Beep” by Park Ji Yoon.

It brings back memories of watching Soul Train back in the days, of course, you got to give a shout out to Daft Punks’ “Lose Yourself to Dance” as well.

The Worlds Second Unboxing in 3K (4K) – Datacolor Spyder 4 Pro

This is my Unboxing of the Datacolor Sypder 4 Pro in 3K(4K).

The video was shot with MoviePro app on the iPhone 6+.

I was working on this being the 1st unboxing in 4K however a German channel actually beat me to it. Check out their channel Turn On, for their Polaroid Cube unboxing in 4k. I love their lighting setup.

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The Worlds First DIY Tutorial in Glorious 3K (4K) Resolution – repairing your headphone jack

I did some Google and YouTube search but did not see any videos uploaded for DIY tutorials. There are plenty of 3K (4K) video samples but not an actual tutorial recorded in this format.

To replace your stereo plug, you can get the part from Radio Shack. Its easier to purchase the screw in plug for the DIY as it’ll be easier to some degree – you won’t need to solder on any wiring.

Note: I just did another check on YouTube and another site beat me to the fist unboxing in 4K – Check out Polaroid Cube Unboxing by Turn On – a German YouTube Channel. They beat me by 6 hours! Curse my slow internet speed! Look out for my Unboxing and review of the Datacolor Spyder Pro 4 coming soon – the Worlds’ second 3K (4K) Unboxing review.

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