Testing out the 3K video capture on my iPhone 6+

What I love about the app: All the settings I can use to ensure the proper shot:
I can focus lock the lens or manually focus or auto focus.
I can do manual exposure settings or auto iso.
I can choose the best capture settings for the resolution I will be shooting at.

What I hate about the app:
I have only started testing it so not much to state but I did notice a strobing like effect during my panning shot of the video – you can see it 34 seconds into the video.

Note: from comments in the video – this 57 sec clip with titles and transitions took under an hour on my i7 laptop. The test clip I evaluated for the 2 min. 14 sec is for straight export with nothing added.

Check out Chung’s channel for other MoviePro vids he’s done. He got me to try out this great app. https://www.youtube.com/user/chung123video

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