The Worlds First DIY Tutorial in Glorious 3K (4K) Resolution – repairing your headphone jack

I did some Google and YouTube search but did not see any videos uploaded for DIY tutorials. There are plenty of 3K (4K) video samples but not an actual tutorial recorded in this format.

To replace your stereo plug, you can get the part from Radio Shack. Its easier to purchase the screw in plug for the DIY as it’ll be easier to some degree – you won’t need to solder on any wiring.

Note: I just did another check on YouTube and another site beat me to the fist unboxing in 4K – Check out Polaroid Cube Unboxing by Turn On – a German YouTube Channel. They beat me by 6 hours! Curse my slow internet speed! Look out for my Unboxing and review of the Datacolor Spyder Pro 4 coming soon – the Worlds’ second 3K (4K) Unboxing review.

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