Chopping up Duck in Beautiful 4K

Happy belated Chinese News years to all, I was at one of my favorite Chinese restaurant in the International District in Seattle and took this video of ducks being chopped up in beautiful 4k video on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

This was the day after Chinese New Years but they were preparing them ducks for a huge banquet! I saw more than 15 trays being prepped and loaded into their van for delivery!

Note: I did a quick edit to upload this video the same day on my old desktop which uses an AMD processor. It took over two hours to render! I just figured out how to get Adobe Premiere to support CUDA for my old graphics card today (2.22.2015) and it only takes less than 8 minutes to render it! 8 minutes to render 4k video! A commentary video on how I got the CUDA support will be uploaded in the future.

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