Quick review of the Framelapse Pro for Time Lapse on an Android

A quick review of a time lapse app for Android called Framelapse Pro.

This was shot entirely on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and edited with the video editor app that came along with the phone.

My thoughts on the Framelapse Pro so far? I love it.

Is it better than other time lapse apps? Maybe, maybe not. I’m sure there are other time lapse apps with features that this doesn’t but I found this app to actually work as promised and I love the options I get when you pay for the pro features. Watch the video to see what I mean.

What do I wish this app offered? The ability to shoot the time lapse at a higher setting then the 1080 which should be doable with the recent smart phones as they do offer higher resolution and faster processors. It should be able to offer 4k at the least, even if the time interval setting is reduced to a lower setting…

Thanks for watching.

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