Flying the DJI Phantom Pro over Weyerhaeuser’s Headquarters Office in 4K Resolution

Weyerhaeuser sold their headquarters recently and I’m not sure what that entails for their Bonsai park/arboretum but I hope it will be maintained. The park is a nice place and I know a lot of people like to exercise here.

I meant to get a memorable picture of the wonderful building that is/was the Weyerhaeuser’s HQ, however, during the flight, the only thought running through my head was “Don’t crash the drone”. I realized on my way home that I forgot to take an aerial picture of the HQ!

If you ever have drive through Federal Way, on the east side of I-5, you’ll pass by their old hq.

The video was shot using DJI Phantom 3 Pro which has a 4k camera attached to it. I can say that I love this system! It’ll take some practice for me to work on my scrolling technique for the camera movement. I also need to practice flying at a certain pace to avoid showing the propeller guards or the landing gear.

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