Damn it Daniel, back at it again at the Airport

The fam are heading off to Korea today, by the time this is posted, they’re already soaring above the skies towards some fun and relaxation.

Me, I’ve decided to stay and work, vacation, what’s that. Phhhpt.

On my way to Korea, back in July of 2014, I tried my GoPro Hero 3 Back and it’s time-lapse feature. Shot using settings of 4000×3000, I figured I could do some cropping and make it look smoother at 1080 but I’m kind of digging the old tv format look.

I originally intended to use it with some other clips of my travel to Korea but decided not to use it. It’s been sitting in my hard drive all this time so…time to do some cleanup while revisiting some old files and whatever…I figured this clip is perfect for the two year anniversary, it’s almost the same date that I travelled to Korea back in 2014!

GoPro Hero: http://amzn.to/29dvfRg
Affiliate link.

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