How to create a second YouTube channel

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if I could create a second YouTube channel.

After doing some research and playing around with it, I’ve found it to be pretty simple to create a new channel attached to your account instead of creating a new account.

I did notice that once the channel has been created and established, it does not seem to switch with the selection of the channel, more like you need to refresh the channel. You can see what I mean by watching to the end.

Whether I actually utilize the 2nd channel or not, it was a learning experience and I did record a game from my phone that I wanted to test out for my screen capture app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge.

The game I recorded is called Walking War Robots and I’m enjoying the game play. It’s a multi-user battle of giant robots with wmds (weapons of mass destruction)

Take a look and comment about the tutorial. Thanks.

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