The PowerBear 6000 mAh Battery Replacement for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge is running out of battery power quicker than a kid unwrapping Christmas presents.

I got myself the PowerBear 6000 mAh extended battery with case.
The battery fits nicely and the cover is pretty nice as well.

So far, I’m ok with the battery life performance but I’m not sure I’m actually getting the lifespan. My unofficial use has the battery running around 2-3 hours. This is watching movies, playing games non-stop for the duration.

At this point, I’ll say it’s worth it for me.

Powerbear 6000 mAh:
Samsung 32GB Evo Micro SDHC:
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Pop Case:
Zagg Invisible Shield for Note Edge:

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