Got The Power to Catch Them All?

So you gotta catch them all? Pokémon got you running out of energy?

It’s no surprise that some game stores are bundling power bricks with phones and games.

Me, I got it because my old battery for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge started to die pretty fast. I’m currently keeping the Vivitar Power Up in my Drone bag for emergency use.

It’s pretty nice. The battery pack had three bars right out of the box. It charged my phone pretty fast as well. The downside is that Vivitar does not offer a usb power adapter/charger with it. I want to say it took about 4 hours to charge up the pack to four bars from the two bars I had. I could be mistaken on this.

However, I’ve had the fully charged power pack in the DJI drone bag for almost a week and its still at full capacity!

I’m liking it so far.

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