DJI Osmo Mobile Useless?

I’ve brought the mobile directly from DJI’s Amazon store. I played with it a bit and have it set up for use but…
If you read the past blog, you know I had some issues setting up the Osmo Mobile due to Bluetooth connectivity issues with the Letv X500 smartphone, that is until I updated the firmware on the Letv.

So…why haven’t I used it? It’s all due to back issues. My backs been giving me major pain and I’m not able to walk about much. After work, the only source of relief besides a couple of aspirin is to apply cupping to my back.

I’m hoping my back will be back to normal next week, at least well enough that I won’t have to walk without a cane for long distances.

I am keeping the pouch/bag that DJI included with me at all time so that I can try it out soon. I didn’t mention the pouch much in the prior blog but it’s big enough to support the manual, the Letv smartphone, and the charging cable. What’s even more surprising is that I was able to fit my Feiyu G3 smartphone stabilizer in it as well!

So stay tuned and hopefully I’ll be able to do a side by side comparison soon.


The DJI Mavic Pro Drone is here!

Well, I missed the live coverage today – thank you work for letting me miss something I truly was curious about.

I looked up the info on DJI, here is what I know so far, I want it, I want it badly!

It fits in the palm of your hand, shoots 4k and has a range of 8 miles with a battery life of 27 minutes flight time. What I think is best about the camera feature is the ability to work with Adobe’s DNG Raw files for the picture at 12 megapixels and shoots 4K videos at 30 frames per second. I did read from a twitter post that the Mavic seemed to be a little less in picture quality compared to the Phantoms but I will say it’s to  be expected. From looking at the Mavic, the camera seems to be smaller than on a Phantom. Smaller camera means you probably have a smaller sensor. A smaller sensor will not be able to take in as much light as a larger sensor, hence producing more noise in your pictures under low light situations.

When you’re shooting video, you can use Active Track and it’ll follow you during the shoot. Want a selfie? Use the Gesture mode and when you wave, the Mavic will take a picture of you. Need a nice steady photo perfectly lined up, use Tripod mode and the Mavic does things at a slower pace to provide that shot you lined up.

The peculiar curiosity factor is that the DJI site states 8 miles distance…but what good is it if the OcuSync’s range is 4.3 miles… Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it as I have never let my DJI Phantom 3 Pro go out further than my line of vision.

Been on Twitter and it seems Mavic has taken the limelight out of GoPro’s Karma. I was excited to see Karma when GoPro announced their drone but I do love the smaller form factor of the Mavic. Both Karma and Mavic have folding arms so that it’s easier to pack and carry with you. Does anyone remember the Kickstarter campaign that was similar to them and proposed way before these two became a reality?

Flight wise, I’ll have to assume from video footage and DJI’s drones that they will be easy to fly and off course DJI will have 5 vision sensors to help you avoid crashing your drone. That doesnt meant the Mavic is a slow drone, you can set it up in Sport mode and it’ll go as fast as 45MPH. If you worry about crashing the drone, this system actually has level flight so that the drone will fly at the same height no matter how uneven the terrain will become during the flight. You can program the Mavic to fly to a place you set up or use your smart phone for a quick flight.

You must realize that you will crash your drone at least once. I have crashed mine and lived to tell the experience with a bloody hand. Did you see that video? Be smart when operating any drone, they are not a toy. Video below:


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The Osmo Mobile is here!

I have the Feiyu Tech 3-Axis Gimbal and now the Osmo Mobile! The Feiyu Tech stabilizer does it’s job but the Osmo Mobile offers features that the Feiyu can’t provide.

I’ve been waiting for this product and it’s now here! My main point of interest was for the moving time lapse that really excited me about this gimbal.

In this video, I unbox the Osmo Mobile! This is a great buy for me as it offers features that I truly appreciate like: Follow me feature – where you can select a person/object and the gimbal will keep the subject in the frame. Even without that, I really wanted a way to do some moving time lapse. This allows you to select up to 5 points where that camera will make a time-lapse following the points you set up.

Osmo Mobile:
Feiyu Tech Phone Gimbal Stabilizer:
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If you haven’t read about my ordeal in setting up the DJI Osmo a couple days ago, check it out, I explain the issues I had with the Letv X500 smartphone and getting it set up to connect with the Osmo Mobile. The Osmo Mobile works like a charm straight outta box, you may need to update your phone to Bluetooth 4.0.

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The Australian Guava Soda is Bundaberg

I love my Guava, I grew up with Hawaiian Sun Guava drinks and when a drink from down under shows up at a Japanese store…Well, that perks up my curiosity up a few notches!

Besides its unique looking bottle and the pull off cap, the bold florescent color of the soda just mesmerized me.

I was purchasing Hawaiian Sun drinks for $.75 cents at the store when I saw it right next to it – on sale for $1.99. If it was any other flavors I might have skipped over it.

This is my review of the taste of Australia’s Bundaberg Guava soda.

If anyone knows why you have to invert the bottle before opening the soda, please comment and let me know. Thanks.

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DJI Live Streaming – Sept 27

Something is going on and I can’t wait! From the video they have on their site, it looks like it’ll be a drone.

Perhaps something similar to GoPro’s Karma? Perhaps another variation of DJI’s wonderful Phantoms.

Check it out!

Just know that the announcement will be made at 11:30AM EDT on Sept. 27!

I wonder if I can catch a glimpse of it during work. 😦

Dji Osmo Mobile – My ordeal

I ordered the Osmo Mobile from DJI’s Amazon store and it shipped to me as promised. I was a bit worried when I got a notification that the delivery was delayed due to customs. However, customs was cleared pretty fast and I got mine within the targeted delivery day.

I was excited to have received the Osmo Mobile and couldn’t wait to tear into it!

I got out my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and tried to attach it with no luck! The Note 4’s length was too tall for the phone holder. Luckily I had my Letv X500 which fits into the cradle. I downloaded the DJI Go app onto the Letv X500. 

The battery was fully charged on the Osmo Mobile, the Letv X500 was also fully charged.I balanced the phone on the gimbal and turned the Osmo Mobile on, then the DJI Go app. The first time you set this system up, you must have WiFi connection available. 
It was a total failure! The Letv X500 stated too much interference. I tried a reboot. Nope. 

As the Osmo Mobile needs a phone attached to work, I kept the Letv on it and tried the app on the Note 4. It worked!

The Note 4 connected right away, alright Samsung! The app went to the training mode, and I tried it out. It showed me the steps on operating the Osmo Mobile.

I then rebooted the Letv X500 and turned the DJI Go app on and it worked! Alright! Mission accomplished. I packed the gear up to test the next day and went to bed.

The next day after work, I went to a nearby park and the damn setup didn’t work! Retried doing the same thing the night before and it didn’t work. Big Fail! With my tail between my legs, I went home and did some research. Turns out the Letv possibly needs an update for the Bluetooth issue…

I had some issues downloading the update as the company website is in Chinese, thank goodness for YouTube videos and forums! 

The update took some time but it was a success! As soon as the update was completed, the Go app and the Osmo Mobile connected right away on the Letv X500.

The update on the Letv X500 also fixed the missing software update button. Thanks for nothing, Tiny Deals (Where I purchased the phone) your version didn’t offer it. Of course, the update also disabled Google Play and all its other products. I had to research how to reinstall Google software. 

I’m happy to say the struggle is done and I got my Letv X500 working as it should as well as my DJI Osmo Mobile.

You can purchase the Osmo Mobile here:
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What the hell is Cupping?

It’ totally freaky what the effects of cupping look like and it would probably turn you off if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s been a medical remedy used for centuries in Asia.

You’ve seen Olympians and sports athletes that have used it by the circular crop circles on their backs. Its a disgusting look but from that pain comes sooooo much relief! That and you can use my back as a checkerboard.

I show the silicon based cup and the suction based cup in this video.

Thanks for watching.

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Mike for narration – Blue Yeti
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