Dji Osmo Mobile – My ordeal

I ordered the Osmo Mobile from DJI’s Amazon store and it shipped to me as promised. I was a bit worried when I got a notification that the delivery was delayed due to customs. However, customs was cleared pretty fast and I got mine within the targeted delivery day.

I was excited to have received the Osmo Mobile and couldn’t wait to tear into it!

I got out my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and tried to attach it with no luck! The Note 4’s length was too tall for the phone holder. Luckily I had my Letv X500 which fits into the cradle. I downloaded the DJI Go app onto the Letv X500. 

The battery was fully charged on the Osmo Mobile, the Letv X500 was also fully charged.I balanced the phone on the gimbal and turned the Osmo Mobile on, then the DJI Go app. The first time you set this system up, you must have WiFi connection available. 
It was a total failure! The Letv X500 stated too much interference. I tried a reboot. Nope. 

As the Osmo Mobile needs a phone attached to work, I kept the Letv on it and tried the app on the Note 4. It worked!

The Note 4 connected right away, alright Samsung! The app went to the training mode, and I tried it out. It showed me the steps on operating the Osmo Mobile.

I then rebooted the Letv X500 and turned the DJI Go app on and it worked! Alright! Mission accomplished. I packed the gear up to test the next day and went to bed.

The next day after work, I went to a nearby park and the damn setup didn’t work! Retried doing the same thing the night before and it didn’t work. Big Fail! With my tail between my legs, I went home and did some research. Turns out the Letv possibly needs an update for the Bluetooth issue…

I had some issues downloading the update as the company website is in Chinese, thank goodness for YouTube videos and forums! 

The update took some time but it was a success! As soon as the update was completed, the Go app and the Osmo Mobile connected right away on the Letv X500.

The update on the Letv X500 also fixed the missing software update button. Thanks for nothing, Tiny Deals (Where I purchased the phone) your version didn’t offer it. Of course, the update also disabled Google Play and all its other products. I had to research how to reinstall Google software. 

I’m happy to say the struggle is done and I got my Letv X500 working as it should as well as my DJI Osmo Mobile.

You can purchase the Osmo Mobile here:
Affiliate link.


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