The Australian Guava Soda is Bundaberg

I love my Guava, I grew up with Hawaiian Sun Guava drinks and when a drink from down under shows up at a Japanese store…Well, that perks up my curiosity up a few notches!

Besides its unique looking bottle and the pull off cap, the bold florescent color of the soda just mesmerized me.

I was purchasing Hawaiian Sun drinks for $.75 cents at the store when I saw it right next to it – on sale for $1.99. If it was any other flavors I might have skipped over it.

This is my review of the taste of Australia’s Bundaberg Guava soda.

If anyone knows why you have to invert the bottle before opening the soda, please comment and let me know. Thanks.

You can purchase Bundaberg and other flavors here:
Video shot on Samsung Galaxy Note 4:
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