The DJI Mavic Pro Drone is here!

Well, I missed the live coverage today – thank you work for letting me miss something I truly was curious about.

I looked up the info on DJI, here is what I know so far, I want it, I want it badly!

It fits in the palm of your hand, shoots 4k and has a range of 8 miles with a battery life of 27 minutes flight time. What I think is best about the camera feature is the ability to work with Adobe’s DNG Raw files for the picture at 12 megapixels and shoots 4K videos at 30 frames per second. I did read from a twitter post that the Mavic seemed to be a little less in picture quality compared to the Phantoms but I will say it’s to  be expected. From looking at the Mavic, the camera seems to be smaller than on a Phantom. Smaller camera means you probably have a smaller sensor. A smaller sensor will not be able to take in as much light as a larger sensor, hence producing more noise in your pictures under low light situations.

When you’re shooting video, you can use Active Track and it’ll follow you during the shoot. Want a selfie? Use the Gesture mode and when you wave, the Mavic will take a picture of you. Need a nice steady photo perfectly lined up, use Tripod mode and the Mavic does things at a slower pace to provide that shot you lined up.

The peculiar curiosity factor is that the DJI site states 8 miles distance…but what good is it if the OcuSync’s range is 4.3 miles… Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it as I have never let my DJI Phantom 3 Pro go out further than my line of vision.

Been on Twitter and it seems Mavic has taken the limelight out of GoPro’s Karma. I was excited to see Karma when GoPro announced their drone but I do love the smaller form factor of the Mavic. Both Karma and Mavic have folding arms so that it’s easier to pack and carry with you. Does anyone remember the Kickstarter campaign that was similar to them and proposed way before these two became a reality?

Flight wise, I’ll have to assume from video footage and DJI’s drones that they will be easy to fly and off course DJI will have 5 vision sensors to help you avoid crashing your drone. That doesnt meant the Mavic is a slow drone, you can set it up in Sport mode and it’ll go as fast as 45MPH. If you worry about crashing the drone, this system actually has level flight so that the drone will fly at the same height no matter how uneven the terrain will become during the flight. You can program the Mavic to fly to a place you set up or use your smart phone for a quick flight.

You must realize that you will crash your drone at least once. I have crashed mine and lived to tell the experience with a bloody hand. Did you see that video? Be smart when operating any drone, they are not a toy. Video below:


Purchase the Mavic from DJI here:
Purchase the Mavic from Amazon here:
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