The Osmo Mobile is here!

I have the Feiyu Tech 3-Axis Gimbal and now the Osmo Mobile! The Feiyu Tech stabilizer does it’s job but the Osmo Mobile offers features that the Feiyu can’t provide.

I’ve been waiting for this product and it’s now here! My main point of interest was for the moving time lapse that really excited me about this gimbal.

In this video, I unbox the Osmo Mobile! This is a great buy for me as it offers features that I truly appreciate like: Follow me feature – where you can select a person/object and the gimbal will keep the subject in the frame. Even without that, I really wanted a way to do some moving time lapse. This allows you to select up to 5 points where that camera will make a time-lapse following the points you set up.

Osmo Mobile:
Feiyu Tech Phone Gimbal Stabilizer:
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If you haven’t read about my ordeal in setting up the DJI Osmo a couple days ago, check it out, I explain the issues I had with the Letv X500 smartphone and getting it set up to connect with the Osmo Mobile. The Osmo Mobile works like a charm straight outta box, you may need to update your phone to Bluetooth 4.0.

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