DJI Osmo Mobile Useless?

I’ve brought the mobile directly from DJI’s Amazon store. I played with it a bit and have it set up for use but…
If you read the past blog, you know I had some issues setting up the Osmo Mobile due to Bluetooth connectivity issues with the Letv X500 smartphone, that is until I updated the firmware on the Letv.

So…why haven’t I used it? It’s all due to back issues. My backs been giving me major pain and I’m not able to walk about much. After work, the only source of relief besides a couple of aspirin is to apply cupping to my back.

I’m hoping my back will be back to normal next week, at least well enough that I won’t have to walk without a cane for long distances.

I am keeping the pouch/bag that DJI included with me at all time so that I can try it out soon. I didn’t mention the pouch much in the prior blog but it’s big enough to support the manual, the Letv smartphone, and the charging cable. What’s even more surprising is that I was able to fit my Feiyu G3 smartphone stabilizer in it as well!

So stay tuned and hopefully I’ll be able to do a side by side comparison soon.


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