Chicken Banh Mi is Nomlicious

Bánh mì from Than Son Tofu in Seattle

Nowadays, most people know Pho as its become real popular. It’s even become a YouTube trend due to a controversy about how it should be eaten, but Banh Mi still places first in my stomach.

Bon Appetit did a video about eating Pho and was seriously criticized about the way they did the video. I just did a quick search on YouTube and it seems like they’ve taken it down. You can still watch some videos about it by doing a quick search.

Alright, I got sidetracked – back on topic.

Banh Mi pretty much means bread and wheat. Banh Mi or Vietnamese sandwiches are made on a French Baguette roll. The toppings are are usually the same – they have pickled radish and carrots. It might have fresh slices of cucumber and off course it can’t be a great Banh Mi without Cilantro! I love Cilantro!

Bánh Mì from Than Son Tofu in Seattle bakes their rolls fresh everyday, the smell of fresh French Baguettes will makes your mouth drool. I love the special Mayo they use but some people prefer it without the Mayo. When I get my sandwich from this store, I’ll usually go with the Chicken but they do have a variety from Chinese BBQ pork to Beef, Fried Egg or Veggie.

As you can see from the picture above, it’s already half eaten. I realized I stuffed my face before taking a picture of it. The sandwich is about a foot long and the cost is only $3.50! It’s still cheap compared to an equivalent sandwich from Subways.

If you just want to buy the fresh French Baguette, you can purchase it for a dollar! The roll is about two feet long.

What’s your favorite Banh Mi?

Picture shot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4
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