Another Visit to the Evergreen State College in Olympia

I shot this with my Samsung Note 4 Edge using the Filmic Plus app. Used a LUT color profile called Epic1 in Adobe Premiere for the cinematic look.

Some parts of the video are jerky as I was walking with a serious back issue. It would have looked soooo much better if I had used the DJI Osmo Mobile for the shots. I also wished I had taken my Dji Phantom 3 with me for the aerial view but hindsight not withstanding, I wasn’t planning on shooting anything this day.

It took me nearly 30 minutes from the parking lot to the swimming pool there. What better way to rest up while getting to a destination than trying out some camera shots. 🙂

I went there to support my kid for the competition. Luckily, my back is now feeling much better after nearly 3 weeks of walking with a cane. The competition wasn’t too long and ended pretty fast so I got to recuperate at home the three days over this holiday weekend. Walking cane free, baby!

You can purchase the Osmo Mobile here:
Affiliate link

Check this prior video I did at the college.

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