DJI Phantom flight over Panther Lake and the DJI Osmo Mobile

Its been a while since I’ve flown my drone. The weather was actually nice last week and I had an itch to fly the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. I took out my DJI Phantom 3 Pro and flew over Panther Lake in Federal Way, Washington.

Panther Lake has receded a lot since last time I visited, I couldn’t believe how much dry land there was. The area I was at used to be full of water!

On the way down to the dry lake, I used the DJI Osmo Mobile with my Letv X500 to shoot the walk. The recording is done in 1080 – you can see my other video on why I am recording in 1080 only.

At the end of the video, it looks like the Phantom 3 Pro is flying underneath a fallen tree branch but its just me hand-holding the drone. I wanted to compare the difference between the Osmo Mobile and the gimbal on the Phantom.

You can purchase the DJI Phantom here:
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