Dremel makes a 3D Printer?

3D Printing is the rage and I’m happy to see a reliable company like Dremel making a 3D printer. I’m not sure how well its made or the ease of use but I got excited to see it at the local hardware store.

1 day, 1 day soon, I’ll get to play around with a 3D printer.

Why I love the idea of a 3d printer. Its being used to create 3d printed edible food. Its used to create limbs, hands and more to help out citizens in need at a cost that is greatly reduced thanks to 3d printing.

The best part of the idea, is that if you have a need to print something for your home and you can’t get one from anywhere, you can print your own.

They even have sites you can go to to download 3d templates already made so you don’t need to design your own, if you don’t have any 3d cad design skills.

I also find it fascinating to see working 3d printed parts that have moving parts inside that actually make the tool function as it should. The space station printed 3d socket wrench to utilize in space, so you know the application for the 3d printer is not going to go away.

One day soon, I’ll get my own!

Get the printer here:
Affiliate link


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