Planet Earth – Life exists at the pet store

The zoo is a wonderful place to visit and see all the wild life that you may never get to see in your lifetime but there’s something to be said about checking out your local pet store.

I got to see some lizards, gerbils, hamsters, all varieties of fish, ferrots, and snakes. Oh my!

Sure they may not have your lions or hippos, but who’d want to clean up after them, it’s enough cleaning up after your pet dog. Do you know how much it’ll cost just to feed them?

I was bored and the way I relieve boredom or stress it to take pictures. It helps when you have such willing models.

Presidential Pose by a lizard

The lizard I took a picture of is my favorite, such a presidential pose!

The pet store was renovating and there weren’t much for me to take pics of. At least ones that I’d want to take picture of.

I didn’t purchase any pets this day though the kids wanted to get some fish for the aquarium.

I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge to take the pics and video, then used Google’s Snapseed to process the pics. For the video, I used GoPro’s Quik app to edit the video.

You can purchase Samsung phones here:
You can purchace GoPro gear here:
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