Stock Video delivery going old school?
The link above was from Adobe Premiere Pro’s Twitter post.

Adobe stock video is now or still utilizing the old delivery by mail of your enormous stock footage saved on your hard drive. They will accept your files on a hard-drive delivered via mail and they will upload and meta-tag it for you.

Korean Folk Village - Spear toss
Picture is for editorial purpose only – this is a picture from a family vacation. Shot with the Nikon 24-70 lens and Nikon D800.

When you work with large files – like 24, 36, 45, 50 megapixals for photos and its not just one file but hundreds or hd footage and now 4k footage that takes up gigs of hard drive space. Unless you have gig internet speeds offered by your internet provider, it might just take a while. I just posted on Twitter earlier today about making the switch to 40 meg download and 5 meg upload from my lowly 7 down and .5 upload. It feels like a big change for me but just think that even uploading files at 5 megs is still going to take a long time. I’ve been uploading files to YouTube from coffee joints with fast internet speeds. The internet speed dictates where I drink coffee. 🙂 I might just save some money now that I’ll have comparable speed to the coffee joints and I won’t be spending hours there, drinking a lot of coffee.

Buckhorn Pass, Buckhorn Lake, Tubal Cain Mine, Plane Wreck
Camping trip in the Olympic Mountains. Nikon D800 and 24-70 lens.

I’ve uploaded to several stock sites such as iStock (owned by Getty Images), Getty Images via Flicker, Dreamstock, and many others. I will tell you that file sizes are hugh and that’s what you want for stock photography or videos to get the cleanest image/video for submission. If I was a better known photographer or more popular submitter, I would definitely go with submission by mail. Less hassle and the team will do all the meta-tagging for you so you get the best optimization(hopefully) for your pics/videos.

As long as you keep a backup copy on files on a separate hard drive while your other hard drive is submitted to the company, you should be OK for any incidents lost in the mail, hard drive failure, or anything else that could happen.

In this day and age where digital may be king, old school mail delivery could be considered the reliable messenger that can save or topple a king.

If you’re interested in stock photography, post a comment and I might post tips or experience in the stock media business.

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