Why GoPro Karma might lose out to DJI Mavic Pro

Just my thoughts but if you look at any YouTube videos on drones, you might just see ads while viewing.

What might these ads be? Why, the DJI Mavic Pro of course!

Since the first announcement and Casey Neistat’s video showing the Karma, which was probably their biggest advertising success for the cheapest price – free. I don’t believe I’ve seen one single ad for the Karma. Has anyone?

GoPro hasn’t stepped back or away from the Karma since they have announced it so it has to be their marketing department.

When people were talking about the DJI Mavic Pro and it became a hugh success overtaking people’s interest – there was mention of the focusing issue. A quick minded marketer could have used hat opportunity to focus on GoPro video quality and reliability to bring back interest. Mind you, DJI’s Mavic Pro uses selective focus where you can click on your smartphone for the area the camera will focus on.

GoPro has been losing their competitive edge due to all the competitors like Sony, Nikon, and cheap ripoff companies with comparable cameras coming out of woodwork now that GoPro has established a need for great cameras like theirs for action scenes.

The Karma was a great solution for them. Drones are a major interest with YouTubers and having a closed-end system that would only work with GoPro cameras would insure that people thinking about purchasing a camera would purchase the GoPro instead of another third-party camera since they would consider the need of purchasing a drone in the future. Then, they went all out and introduced a removable gimbal system to use the GoPro with a handheld stabilizer! This would be similar to Yuneec’s drone system where you could pull out the camera and use their camera as a stabilized handheld camera.

If GoPro doesn’t want to end up with a costly failure, they need to market their strong points and keep their product shown to interested users via seo marketing. They also need to do constant updates to their software to prioritize reliability and ease of using the drone – which is one thing you will notice about DJI – they do constant updates to their software. Mind you, I can’t say that they don’t do constant updates as I am not a Karma owner so I cannot say so at this time.

Case in point, if you go to the link below (affiliate link) you will see the search for GoPro Karma doesn’t bring up their drone but you will see a lot of their competitor products listed.


From DJI Mavic to Nikon’s action camera systems to cheap generic drones. This just means that the Karma isn’t available to their third party sellers yet but that other sellers are capturing GoPro’s market share by advertising on seo search terms for GoPro Karma.

I own a GoPro Hero 3 Black and a Hero 4 Black as well as DJI’s Osmo Mobile and Phantom 3 Pro. I like both companies and the reliability factor from their products. It’s up to you at the end on which system is best for you.

Let me know what you think?


2 thoughts on “Why GoPro Karma might lose out to DJI Mavic Pro

  1. Ok, one thing GoPro is doing is making sure to send the Karma to Casey Neistat – check out the video here titled Ghost Drone, where he receives the Karma and another drone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANhiokzErU4

    This video will get at least a million views in 24-48 hrs – no joke, he’s videos have registered at least 1 million views on nearly every video he has posted. That is a great result for Casey and better marketing for GoPro. As of this posting – it has only garnered 245,000+ views.

    He averages over 4 million views a day and if he were to monetize all of his videos on YouTube – it’s estimated that he would be making over 32 thousand to half a million dollars a month. This calculation seems wide but it is a measurement of views total to average CPM which could very with the ad placed on the video.

    Once you’re done watching his video, check out my new Halloween trip: https://youtu.be/VETEifm69_Q


  2. If you haven’t heard by now, there is a recall for the Karma. GoPro is doing something right for the consumers. As soon as they knew of a fault with their product, they called for a recall.

    The remote for the Karma updates itself with information on sending the Karma back to GoPro for a full refund and it is bricked so that you can’t fly the drone.

    The message also notes that when the complete product package is sent back to them, they will send a free GoPro Hero 5 Black for the recall.

    This is great publicity, one that Samsung could/should learn from with their Note 7 recall.


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