Trying my first Caribbean meal

I visited a newly opened branch of Paseo in the Sodo district of Seattle.

Paseo is well known in Seattle for the Caribbean sandwiches and I’ve heard about them for the longest time but never tried it. I believe the original is located in Fremont, Washington but I never found a time to visit that location. When I heard they were open in Sodo and I was close, I had to stop by for lunch!

They opened in a formal BBQ joint which is located right on the corner of 1st and Holgate and right across the street is Krispy Kremes. Now you can get your meal and dessert!

As the recommendation was to try their most popular sandwich, it’s just what I did. The sandwich was greasy but it met all expectations for a tasty consumption. I was in heaven.

I guess you can say that it tastes like any grilled meat sandwich but it’s got the seasonings and sauce that make this sandwich a Caribbean flavor. I can’t describe the taste…I can only say I wanted more afterwards.

Some great NOMS I’ve had in a while!

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge
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