Food Tour around Queen Anne Seattle

Some of my favorite food joints around Queen Anne in Seattle! Going for them Noms.


Checking out Seattle’s Queen Anne district and some of its restaurants. My food tour of some of the spots I like to eat at when in Queen Anne.

Dicks is a famous burger joint around Seattle. If you grew up listening to Sir Mix-a-Lot, you may have come across a verse about Dicks.

Blue Water Taco Grill is a bit pricey for me but the food is delicious.

My least favorite is lamb done wrong but I love Athina’s for their Lamb burger. The lamb is tender and very juicy.

These are just a few of my favorite spots in Queen Anne, however there is so many great places there that I wish I could visit more often.

Shot back in May of 2015.


Early Christmas Feels

You know the best Christmas display I’ve ever seen in my life was as a kid in Rosemead, California. The family drove all the way to Rosemead to see this one house that did a wonderful job of decorating and you’d see people coming from all over California to take a ponder.

Then it was in Torrance, California, where this neighborhood did an awesome job.

Then it was Federal Way, Washington where the neighborhood decorated for Christmas, though it’s not done as much lately…

However, this was my first Fantasy Lights with the family. It was fun visiting but didn’t feel quite as festive to me as visiting the neighborhoods who really get into the festive spirit.

What do you think about the thought, do you have a favorite neighborhood you like to visit to see Christmas decorations?

DJI’s new Phantom 4 Pro is a video and photographer’s dream

DJI Phantom 4 Pro is freaking outrageous! I just saw DJI’s video and it’s making me drool. Video from DJI.

They should have called this the Phantom 5 – that’s how much of an improvement I feel DJI has accomplished with this wonderful quadcopter. I’ll talk about the photo/video quality first then move on to the drone’s other features as I’m a picture/video buff!

1st. It has a new 1-inch camera sensor capable of 20 megapixels at F2.8-F11 and a high dynamic range of 11.6 stops! It also has a mechanical shutter which will help with rolling shutter effects! Recording in 4k at a higher bit rate of 100 Mbps instead of 60 Mbps (Note that this new system is using the new H.265 format which is great and has a much better compression and sharper pictures – though editing H.265 videos might be tougher if your video editor doesn’t support it.).

You can also record in 4K at 60 frames per second! That is going to make your videos look better if you want to slow it down for that slow-mo effect.

The Phantom 4 Pro can take 20 MP raw files in Adobe’s DNG format which mean you can edit pictures with quality and more data to edit the picture for highlights, shadows, and be in Photoshop heaven.

When you need high action pictures, you can rely on it’s 14 fps burst mode to get the shot! The 1-inch sensor means that you can get more light into the sensor which helps with noise in your video or pictures during low light shots. You might be able to use the shot instead of having a wasted moment.

The drone now has 360 degrees sensors for the front, sides, back, and bottom. These sensors help to keep your drone from crashing, though it’d be great to have a sensor for the top as well for indoor flights. The sides are infrared. The five sensors work to keep your drone safe during flight, and if you lose GPS signal, it’ll fly back home in  the flight path that the drone flew while using the sensors to avoid object surrounding the drone.

I believe the back sensor will also help with your tracking shots if you wanted the camera to do a follow shot but have the camera follow you while flying backward.

The three types of tracking shots the Phantom 4 Pro can do are Profile which allows side follow (horizontal flying), where the drone tracks you from the side while tracking you. Spotlight allows you to fly the camera freely while the camera tracks the person or item selected for tracking. Circle allows the drone to fly around the selected person/item in a circle.

The new battery allows for 30 minutes of flight time, but I believe you cannot use your old Phantom 4 batteries as replacements like the new DJI Inspire 2.

The Phantom 4 Pro+ also has a remote control with a built-in5.5-inchh monitor. The monitor is actually a lot brighter than the phones or tablets you may be using, almost twice as much. I know that even using my Samsung Note 4 with my Phantom 3 Pro is difficult in bright sunlight, I can hardly see the screen and Samsung phones are rated as having the highest lumens. Info from screen test by “High on Android.” This would be a welcome change for me. The remote control also uses the lightbridge technology which also automatically switches between 2.4 GHz to 5.4 GHz transmission for best connection during flight. It also does Livestream viewing of your flight at 720p.

All in all, DJI keeps coming up with better drones. I would upgrade my Phantom 3 Pro to this if I could right now. I don’t believe owners of the original Phantom 4 would need to upgrade to this yet but for Phantom 3 owners, it’d be a great upgrade for the features and safety the Phantom 4 Pro would offer.

You can purchase the Phantom 4 Pro from DJI’s store here:
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Drone flies over Celebration Park


I love what the DJI Phantom 3 Pro is able to do and flying it over Celebration Park in Federal Way, Washington was fun. I believe Celebration Park is probably one of the most well-maintained parks in Washington state. The soccer and baseball fields are probably the cleanest and well maintained that I have seen in all the parks!

I flew it early in the morning so I believe I had the ISO up high. I noticed a lot of noise in the video while editing. I have to attribute the noise to the high iso and the compression used by the DJI Phantom for the 4K video.

I’ll have to play around with the settings for the best video quality. I also think I started looking at the quality of the video compression due to watching one of Phillip Bloom’s review of the Mavic.

I also didn’t have the gimble calibrated correctly, its seems, it looks like the horizon might be a bit off.

I edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro 6 with the 3-way color corrector and used letterbox matte.

DJI Phantom 3 Pro
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Reviewing the Duracell Power Inverter – Best Power Inverter 2016?

I’ve been using the Duracell Power Inverter since July of 2016 and I like it.

The cons? No fuse for the inverter that I can figure out. If it overloads, it’s going to overload your car’s fuse. (I haven’t had any issues using it yet.)
The cons? It does get hot if you the outlets to their potential. (Not that its so hot you can cause a fire. It’s got a fan to blow out the heat but the case does get hot like your laptop when it gets hot.

The pros – the usb is fast charging and it’s the one I use the most to charge my Note 4. I also work on the laptop plugged into it.
The pros – the outlet shape is compact and easy to store and 175W has been plenty enough power for my needs.

I purchased this unit because I misplaced my boxy power inverter in the garage and I still can’t find it. One thing I will note about it is that I’ve never felt the power inverter even get warm during the long drives across states or such. I do miss it, it was a great reliable unit but this Duracell Inverter is wonderful to use. I get two additional USB ports compared to just two 110 volt plug ins with the old boxy unit.

You can check the Duracell Power Inverter here:
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Playing with Microsoft Surface Studio

The 28 inch Microsoft Surface Studio is nice; it’s a beauty and I definitely want one!

I was at a local mall and they had a small Microsoft store there with the Microsoft Surface Studio on display for anyone to try out! The computer is my new favorite system.

The price point starts from about 3 grand and up, it feels like an Apple computer based pricing but I was thinking this is the type of computer that Apple should have been coming up with.

I love the fact that you can stick the stylus on either side of the monitor – it attaches by magnetic link. The stylus felt a bit rubbery but it worked smoothly. The monitor would draw on areas where my palm would touch only if I wasn’t using the stylus; if I was resting my palm while drawing with the stylus it would recognize the stylus only.

The scroll wheel/dial is a nice feature and I love how you can customize it. I was hoping to try it out with Premiere but they didn’t have any projects to edit so I was not able to test out Premiere. I am assuming that you can still customize it to act as a scroll/jog wheel. The dial works via Bluetooth connection and it does not have to be on the screen to work. You can use it on any surface.

The keyboard looks similar to an Apple wireless keyboard only it’s got the 10-key! I love using my 10-key.

What I don’t like about the Surface Studio is the fact that the USB ports and the SD card slot is located in the back of the computer display stand. You’d have to turn your computer around if you wanted to connect anything or use the SD card reader.

The Surface 4 tablet was also on display and ready for pre-order just like the Studio, only I’m in love with the 28 inch monitor and its crystal clear and sharp!

If I have a chance to purchase one, I think I would definitely buy one – right now, it’s not in my budget…

Check out some of Microsoft Surface products here:
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Nike SNKRS App Failed Me – Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Black Toe

This morning at 7AM, the Air Joran 1 Retro High OG “Black Toe” dropped, and I decided to record the purchase due to having so many issues with purchasing on Nike…

Yesterday the Lebron XIII Low “Fit For The King” dropped; I didn’t get it because the app said I got it and it was pending and would let me know. I never got an update and I called Nike Service department, later that night and they tried to help but could not find anything.

I’ve had instances like this several times in the past when I tried to purchase shoes from Nike’s online store or SNKRS app and not getting them Lebron’s yesterday was a disappointment.

My goal today was to get the Air Jordans, but when I tried to purchase the Air Jordans, I could not purchase it on the SNKRS app and it stated that the shoes were sold out. The chrome book after several minutes past 7AM showed, “Coming Soon” and then I was able to purchase it! How the hell does it work that way? The app won’t let me purchase because it’s sold out – but the website allows for it…

Today was what I expected, but in the end, at least I got the shoes.

The previous release was back in 2013 and the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” features a White leather upper with Black and Varsity Red overlays (with a much softer leather compared to the 2013s – from what I hear) which completes the Chicago Bulls colors.

The release date was today at 7AM for $160 – it’s selling for much higher on the link below but you can check it out.

SNKRS app recorded on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge and the shoes purchased using the Acer Chromebook.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Black Toe
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge
Acer Chromebook
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