Playing with Microsoft Surface Studio

The 28 inch Microsoft Surface Studio is nice; it’s a beauty and I definitely want one!

I was at a local mall and they had a small Microsoft store there with the Microsoft Surface Studio on display for anyone to try out! The computer is my new favorite system.

The price point starts from about 3 grand and up, it feels like an Apple computer based pricing but I was thinking this is the type of computer that Apple should have been coming up with.

I love the fact that you can stick the stylus on either side of the monitor – it attaches by magnetic link. The stylus felt a bit rubbery but it worked smoothly. The monitor would draw on areas where my palm would touch only if I wasn’t using the stylus; if I was resting my palm while drawing with the stylus it would recognize the stylus only.

The scroll wheel/dial is a nice feature and I love how you can customize it. I was hoping to try it out with Premiere but they didn’t have any projects to edit so I was not able to test out Premiere. I am assuming that you can still customize it to act as a scroll/jog wheel. The dial works via Bluetooth connection and it does not have to be on the screen to work. You can use it on any surface.

The keyboard looks similar to an Apple wireless keyboard only it’s got the 10-key! I love using my 10-key.

What I don’t like about the Surface Studio is the fact that the USB ports and the SD card slot is located in the back of the computer display stand. You’d have to turn your computer around if you wanted to connect anything or use the SD card reader.

The Surface 4 tablet was also on display and ready for pre-order just like the Studio, only I’m in love with the 28 inch monitor and its crystal clear and sharp!

If I have a chance to purchase one, I think I would definitely buy one – right now, it’s not in my budget…

Check out some of Microsoft Surface products here:
affiliate link


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