Reviewing the Duracell Power Inverter – Best Power Inverter 2016?

I’ve been using the Duracell Power Inverter since July of 2016 and I like it.

The cons? No fuse for the inverter that I can figure out. If it overloads, it’s going to overload your car’s fuse. (I haven’t had any issues using it yet.)
The cons? It does get hot if you the outlets to their potential. (Not that its so hot you can cause a fire. It’s got a fan to blow out the heat but the case does get hot like your laptop when it gets hot.

The pros – the usb is fast charging and it’s the one I use the most to charge my Note 4. I also work on the laptop plugged into it.
The pros – the outlet shape is compact and easy to store and 175W has been plenty enough power for my needs.

I purchased this unit because I misplaced my boxy power inverter in the garage and I still can’t find it. One thing I will note about it is that I’ve never felt the power inverter even get warm during the long drives across states or such. I do miss it, it was a great reliable unit but this Duracell Inverter is wonderful to use. I get two additional USB ports compared to just two 110 volt plug ins with the old boxy unit.

You can check the Duracell Power Inverter here:
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