Throwing in the Kitchen Sink – The faucet handle broke

 Not a complete story. still working on this. 01.01.2017.

The day before Christmas and it’s past 5PM, my youngest goes to turn on the faucet and the handle snapped off!

Kitchen faucet comments

So I get dressed to go and replace the faucet. My first stop, Costco, course it’s about 5:25 and they’ve closed off the entrance – getting ready for Christmas. Duh, I’ve been planning on purchasing a faucet that I saw here. Not a problem as a Home Depot is right around the corner…Also closed…Duh!!!

Luckily, I was thinking Walmart should have a faucet I can use!

Kitchen faucet

Just in time before they close early for Christmas, score!

I get home and start the uninstallation process to remove the old faucet. It was easy to detach the connections from the faucet to the hot and cold water lines. I’m thinking this job will be a cinch, only…the faucet won’t detach as the nut connecting the third water line from the extendable faucet to the sink is rusted pretty badly. I don’t have a basin wrench and I don’t think it would work in this setup, also the location is pretty tight.

Kitchen faucet comments