Driving thru MLK suburbs in Seattle

I took a drive along Martin Luther King and it’s amazing to see the transformation of MLK with the addition of the Light Rail. I say this though I’ve never visited MLK before. I do see that new constructions and blocks of business that have been opened by the Vietnamese community. The major Vietnamese business I’ve ever known of was in the China Town district in Seattle and 38Th Street area of Tacoma, Washington.
Perhaps Little Saigon will become as big as Koreatown in the Los Angeles district soon?
One thing for sure, I can’t wait to find some great Vietnamese restaurants to try out!
I shot this on my Samsung Note 4 in 4k and edited in 1080. I wanted to play around with zooming in and out between shots.

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Not Happy with the Grand Mac 🍔😣



When the Grand Mac came to Washington, I was way too excited! My friend had went to McD’s the previous day and said it takes two hands to eat it – it even says so on the box…
I had to try it.
The taste of the Grand Mac is as expected, taste just like a Big Mac as it should. The burger was good but as you can see from the video, I was a bit disappointed by the size of the Grand Mac… Maybe they were talking about Trump’s hands but I could it eat it with one hand.
Shot with Samsung Note 4, video edited on the phone using video edit app.
Samsung Note phones: http://amzn.to/2mXumGc

Let’s visit the Farmers Market – using the GoPro Hero and a Feiyu Mobile Stabilizer?

My youngest and I took a quick drive down to Federal Way and noticed they had a Farmer’s Market going on. This was early in the morning so there wasn’t much of a crowd. Perfect time to visit when it’s not as crowded!
I figured this would be the perfect time to try out my Feiyu Tech G3 Mobile Stabilizer with a GoPro Hero Black 3 that I attached to the side of the camera mount – the spring loaded mount actually held the GoPro Hero 3 Black pretty well. (My phone was to wide and it wouldn’t fit the Feiyu Tech mount.)
The only problem with the setup is that the GoPro Hero made it too side heavy for the Feiyu Tech stabilizer. The G3 mount doesn’t come with an additional weight you can screw on to the motor to counter-balance the weight, unlike the current models.
I saw the potential of a GoPro mount after trying it out at the market and wanted to publish this video earlier… but I was trying to come up with a diy rig that could balance out the GoPro to the phone mount, then I saw the GoPro Adaptor for mobile stabilizers recently and decided to just publish this video. The video was shot in 2015 so, yeah, I’m behind on the video.
I’m hoping to buy the mount soon. It’s like under 20 bucks on Amazon.
You can see the Osmo Mobile test I did here:

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Visiting 85C Bakery



85°C Bakery had their grand opening this past weekend. I believe it’s a Taiwanese bakery franchise that is very popular in California as well.

Due to work schedule conflicts, I visited the bakery after the promotions on Monday. It was a good thing as I’ve heard the wait time was over two hrs during the weekend. I arrived here early enough that there wasn’t a crowd, though once I got in, the crowd started to develop outside.