Suck it up, Seattle!

Ever seen vacuum cleaner art? This was a wonderful find for me to see a creative shop owner turn non-functional vacuum cleaners into pieces of art.
Shot with the Letv X500 using the Osmo Mobile. The Letv X500 did not connect to the Osmo Mobile but you can still use the stabilizer and it’s joystick control to move the camera around.
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Drive by shooting in Columbia with the Osmo Mobile

Its been a while since I’ve used the Osmo Mobile and my excuse was that I was trying to get the Bluetooth connection working between the Letv X500 and the Osmo Mobile…
This is a quick drive through Rainier Ave in the Columbia area of Seattle.
I’m using my Letv X500 on an Osmo Mobile Stabilizer. The Letv X500 is having issues connecting to the Osmo Mobile and I know it’s not the Osmo Mobile as it’s connecting fine to other phones tested. You can still use this for stabilization without the additional options available when using the DJI app.
I used the Filmic Plus app for this recording. Using the Osmo Mobile stabilizer and the Filmic app is a great way to capture. I love the app but wish I could have the Pro version.

Pictures from my new Sony A6500!

I’m loving the pictures from my new Sony A6500! I’ve just brought it and it’s truly a wonderful camera. I’m surprised at how well this aps-c camera handles.

This picture of an airplane was just taken today. I edited the picture in Snapshot after transferring the file from the camera to my smartphone via Wi-Fi. Sony’s app sucks but it does the job.

Trans-Canada Air

This shot is a tunnel located at the BPA trail in Federal Way, I’ve used a bit of hdr processing in Snapshot. The shot was handheld.

The Tunnel

This was in the same area on the BPA trail. Handheld on top of rock.

Life giving water

A classic fire engine truck was at Celebration Park on Easter Sunday. A lady photographer was taking picture of the beautiful red fire engine at it’s owner. I took some quick shots of it. The ARW file hard to convert as my old version of Lightroom 4.0 doesn’t support Sony’s ARW raw format. I’ve found a workaround to working with ARW files. I’ll post the YouTube video after this picture.

Sony A6500 Test Shots

Here’s the video on converting the ARW files to work in older versions of Lightroom or Photoshop or any files that might not support ARW format.


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How I found a workaround to edit Sony’s ARW Raw format!


How to open and convert Sony ARW raw files for editing.
So you need to edit Sony ARW files, this is what I find works for me after researching Sony ARW format conversion.
I had researched Sony cameras for a bit and I broke down and purchased the Sony A6500! This is a great camera but what I didn’t think about was the raw format that Sony utilizes. I work with an older version of Lightroom and Adobe CS6, their last version before CC subscription based format, so it’s no surprise that I wouldn’t be able to work with any newer formats that might come after CS6.
After much research, I found that Adobe does offer a workaround. Adobe offers a converter to convert any raw files into DNG format. Once converted, you’ll be able to work in Lightroom, Photoshop in the DNG format.
You can download the Adobe DNG Converter from Adobe’s website.
Hope this helps those that were/are in the same situation as I was.
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Why I brought a Sony A6500 over the Dji Mavic!

I can’t afford to buy another toy but I bit the bullet and brought the Sony A6500 and the SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS!

It was a long thought process where I was going back and forth on getting the DJI Mavic Pro or the Sony camera, in the end, after much debate between my inner demons, the choice was made and I think I made the right choice for me. The 5 reasons below was why I went with the camera.

1. I like taking pictures and videos. My love started out with videos when the dv cameras first came out but switched to photography. Photography has been a tremendous in relieving stress and bringing out the creative side in me.

2. I love the video and photo capabilities of the DJI Phantom 3 Pro, so going for a Mavic made sense for me. It would be portable and I could take it with me to a lot more places than what I could do with the Phantom 3 Pro.

3. Cost, the cost of getting the Sony A6500 or the Mavic Pro was about the same, if you take the cost of a camera lens out.

4. Low light of the Sony A6500 seemed to be ok for the indoor sports shots I’ve been doing and the 4k video capabilities along with 5-axis stabilization tips it in its favor.

5. DJI Phantom 3 Pro is still a great drone and do I really need another drone if I haven’t even flown the Phantom 3 Pro that much compared to taking a lot of pics with my Nikon D800.

Now, this isn’t all the reasons and its condensed but you get the jest of it.

Here are some pics, more to come.

Sony A6500 Test Shots

Sony A6500 Test Shots

Here is the post-processing in lightroom 4 – yes I’m not using the current cc version.

Sony A6500 - Lightroom Edits

Sony A6500 - Lightroom Edits

I’ll post more on my thought of the Sony A6500, the post processing in lightroom 4.0, the issues of editing with an old version that doesn’t support Sony’s ARW raw file format and the workaround used to edit in a future post, keep an eye out for it. 🙂

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