Got to fly the DJI Phantom 3 Pro over BPA Trail

Last year, I took a quick flight over KCAC and BPA trail with my DJI Phantom Pro 3. I haven’t really taken the Phantom up too high or far as I’m still apprehensive about losing the drone to evil trees and power lines. ūüėõ

I love coming down to this area to exercise on the BPA trail. It’s one of the better-maintained trail ways for people to do some light exercise. I’m more of a jogger than a runner so it’s a great conditional for people getting in shape. Lately, I’m eyeing the trail ways around Columbia district of Seattle.

It’s starting to get sunnier around Washington and I’m hoping to start recording some more flights and practice drone flying again.

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The Mavic would be my choice for compactness and ease of use.
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Drive by shooting in Columbia with the Osmo Mobile

Its been a while since I’ve used the Osmo Mobile and my excuse was that I was trying to get the Bluetooth connection working between the Letv X500 and the Osmo Mobile…
This is a quick drive through Rainier Ave in the Columbia area of Seattle.
I’m using my Letv X500 on an Osmo Mobile Stabilizer. The Letv X500 is having issues connecting to the Osmo Mobile and I know it’s not the Osmo Mobile as it’s connecting fine to other phones tested. You can still use this for stabilization without the additional options available when using the DJI app.
I used the Filmic Plus app for this recording. Using the Osmo Mobile stabilizer and the Filmic app is a great way to capture. I love the app but wish I could have the Pro version.

Driving thru MLK suburbs in Seattle

I took a drive along Martin Luther King and it’s amazing to see the transformation of MLK with the addition of the Light Rail. I say this though I’ve never visited MLK before. I do see that new constructions and blocks of business that have been opened by the Vietnamese community. The major Vietnamese business I’ve ever known of was in the China Town district in Seattle and 38Th Street area of Tacoma, Washington.
Perhaps Little Saigon will become as big as Koreatown in the Los Angeles district soon?
One thing for sure, I can’t wait to find some great Vietnamese restaurants to try out!
I shot this on my Samsung Note 4 in 4k and edited in 1080. I wanted to play around with zooming in and out between shots.

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Let’s visit the Farmers Market – using the GoPro Hero and a Feiyu Mobile Stabilizer?

My youngest and I took a quick drive down to Federal Way and noticed they had a Farmer’s Market going on. This was early in the morning so there wasn’t much of a crowd. Perfect time to visit when it’s not as crowded!
I figured this would be the perfect time to try out¬†my Feiyu Tech G3 Mobile Stabilizer with a GoPro Hero Black 3 that I attached to the side of the camera mount – the spring loaded mount actually held the GoPro Hero 3 Black pretty well. (My phone was to wide and it wouldn’t fit the Feiyu Tech mount.)
The only problem with the setup is that the GoPro Hero made it¬†too side heavy for the Feiyu Tech stabilizer. The G3 mount doesn’t come with an additional weight you can screw on to the motor to counter-balance the weight, unlike the current models.
I saw the potential of a GoPro mount after trying it out at the market and wanted to publish this video earlier… but I¬†was trying to come up with a diy rig that could balance out the GoPro to the phone mount, then I saw the GoPro Adaptor for mobile stabilizers recently and decided to just publish this video. The video was shot in 2015 so, yeah, I’m behind on the video.
I’m hoping to buy the mount soon. It’s like under 20 bucks on Amazon.
You can see the Osmo Mobile test I did here:

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Food Tour around Queen Anne Seattle

Some of my favorite food joints around Queen Anne in Seattle! Going for them Noms.


Checking out Seattle’s Queen Anne district and some of its restaurants. My food tour of some of the spots I like to eat at when in Queen Anne.

Dicks is a famous burger joint around Seattle. If you grew up listening to Sir Mix-a-Lot, you may have come across a verse about Dicks.

Blue Water Taco Grill is a bit pricey for me but the food is delicious.

My least favorite is lamb done wrong but I love Athina’s for their Lamb burger. The lamb is tender and very juicy.

These are just a few of my favorite spots in Queen Anne, however there is so many great places there that I wish I could visit more often.

Shot back in May of 2015.

Trying my first Caribbean meal

I visited a newly opened branch of Paseo in the Sodo district of Seattle.

Paseo is well known in Seattle for the Caribbean sandwiches and I’ve heard about them for the longest time but never tried it. I believe the original is located in Fremont, Washington but I never found a time to visit that location. When I heard they were open in Sodo and I was close, I had to stop by for lunch!

They opened in a formal BBQ joint which is located right on the corner of 1st and Holgate and right across the street is Krispy Kremes. Now you can get your meal and dessert!

As the recommendation was to try their most popular sandwich, it’s just what I did. The sandwich was greasy but it met all expectations for a tasty consumption. I was in heaven.

I guess you can say that it tastes like any grilled meat sandwich but it’s got the seasonings and sauce that make this sandwich a Caribbean flavor. I can’t describe the taste…I can only say I wanted more afterwards.

Some great NOMS I’ve had in a while!

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge
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Be a bit nutty to cross this bridge

Ever seen squirrels on a bridge? In Longview, Washington, there is a bridge made out of a fire hose for squirrels!

It’s the world’s narrowest bridge and was put up in 1963. Why? To keep the squirrels safe and they deserve their own bridge across treetops.

Amos Peters saw lots of squirrels getting run over by vehicles and decided to build this for their safety, who knew it would become a tourist attraction!

When I read about this bridge, of course I had to drag the family to visit this place back in 2007 – we didn’t see no squirrels. Curse you squirrels for running such a fine trip.

Video shot on the Sony Fx-1
Narration on Yeti Mike:
Edited on HP Evny dv7 i7-3630qm:
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